Salt’sUp Salt Cafe – Soolakohvik

Salt’sUp Soolakohvik (translates into Salt Cafe) is a small but cozy cafe in the hipster area of Northern Tallinn, Estonia. The cafe was born out of Salt’sUp gourmet salt shop in the city center, Kentmanni 19. The tiny shop itself carries over 40 different types of gourmet salts, peppers and even chillies from all over the world.

The salts cafe offers different kinds of pastries, cakes, cocktails, smoothies, bowls and meals which many of them have been made using the gourmet salts, peppers and chillies. The place has indoor and outdoor seating and offers take away options as well. Soolakohvik offers free WiFi and a great atmosphere to work in or just relax with your friends and family. 

Although the space itself is small (but cozy) the food and drinks sure are delicious! 

The Salts’Up Salt Cafe is located at Tööstuse 33, Tallinn, in the hipster area just between the Baltic rail station and the Noblessner Port area. 

The Salts’Up Salt Cafe is open seven days a week, offering quality coffee and amazing pastries from 9am to 8pm. If you walk by before or after the opening times but see the lights turned on in the cafe, it is worth a try to peek inside, as the staff is welcoming and often can serve coffee and fresh warm pastries early already! The cafe is a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike and many call it a ‘secret spot’. Mostly it is known as a place to go for your morning coffee but later in the afternoon many enjoy refreshing cocktails and snacks there as well. 

All the pastries, smoothies, cocktails and juices are freshly made in the teeny tiny kitchen at site. In addition to quick meals and tasty bites to grab, you can find a variety of gourmet salts, peppers and chillies available at the cafe as well! The staff offers tastings of the spices and recommendations on site too. If you’re ever in need of a gift set or just want to learn more about gourmet spices, you have to check it out! Time to spice up your life!
If you don’t have a chance to go to the cafe or the shop but still want to discover the wonderful world of gourmet salts and peppers, check them out from Salt’sUp salts and peppers can be ordered worldwide! If you need help with choosing the right spices for you, your family or friends, we are more than happy to help you out – just contact us at We can make gift sets with your preferred salts and peppers as well.

Salt’sUp Soolakohvik

Tööstuse 33, Tallinn, 10414


+372 555 21 228

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  1. Very cute cafe! Very friendly staff!

  2. Thank you and welcome back!

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