200 Interesting Facts About Salt

Did you know that salt water can be beneficial when poaching eggs? Egg whites are easier to set when cooked in a salt-poaching liquid. Read 200 interesting facts about salt here

How to keep sea salt fresh?

How to understand the moisture of salt and how to keep sea salt fresh The water content of salt can significantly influence how it feels …

Discover How Tasmanian Pepper Can Perk Up Your Meals

Some call it the ‘Mountain pepper.’ But, of course, you can call the Tasmanian pepper whatever you prefer, though this gem from Australia boasts plenty of benefits for your health, including your skin, and can be that extra something that brings your dishes to life.

What Are Truffle Mushrooms?

Truffles are one of the most prized culinary ingredients, with their intoxicating, singular flavor and musky scent. They are a commodity that can add a touch of refinement to even the simplest of foods, and they can elevate a fine-dining experience. 

Best Salt and Pepper Mills 2022 for your kitchen

If you cook or prepare meals on a regular basis, then you probably know how important it is to have a good set of salt and pepper mills. Depending on your cooking style, how often you cook, and the types of food that you prepare, the right mill can make quite the difference in your kitchen.

Chill with chilies: recipes with dried hot peppers!

If You think that You know all about chili peppers, You may not know enough. Let us begin our journey with a myth buster: chillies are not related to Chile, the country. “Chīlli” is a word from Native American language group Nahuatl and means “red”, but actually the fruit itself can be green, yellow and even nearly black.

How To Use Smoked Salt

Smoked Salt: The Uses The charm of our smoked salt product is that it can be used in so many different ways. Gone are the …

Melegueta pepper – grains of paradise

What is Melegueta Pepper also known as grains of paradise? Grains of paradise, Melegueta Pepper is an herbaceous perennial plant native to Western Africa. The Latin name is Aframomum melegueta and …

Salt and pepper quotes

Salt and pepper Quotes about salt Salt of the earth quotes Take it with a grain of salt  Salt water quotes Salt to the sea …

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