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While budding home cooks are likely to spend hours and hours of their free time on YouTube in an effort to try and hone their crafts, they can often forget about one quick-fire way of making great dishes.

  1. Kampot Red Peppercorns
  2. Black Summer Truffle Salt
  3. Tellicherry Peppercorns
  4. Red Wine Gourmet Salt
  5. Long Peppercorns
  6. Lemon Salt
  7. Colorful Schinusberries peppercorns

Improving the quality of your salt and pepper.

Indeed, while we put these seasonings into pretty much everything, we can often overlook the quality of them. Sure, the general kosher salt and black pepper mill are largely fine but a good cook will be able to take their dishes to another level with some simple purchases.

Such are the differing natures of their flavors and textures, upgrading your salt and pepper options can bring so many added tones to the food you’re preparing. For example, adding a touch of smoked salt to some lovely pan-seared white fish and see just how different a tone that standard dish takes on.

Pepper is another one we often overlook. It’s such a varied world, full of so many amazing spices and flavors that, frankly, it seems absolutely crazy that we constantly turn to the run-of-the-mill cracked black pepper.

Why not mix things up a little? There are so many amazing different kinds out there that limiting ourselves almost seems like a culinary crime of sorts.

By broadening your horizons on the salt and pepper front, you will be transforming the way you cook. Just a sprinkle here and there will quite literally lift the way in which you prepare food, so it’s better to prepare yourself and read up on what’s available online.

Seriously, there’s so much out there that it’s vital you figure out exactly what you want. The knowledgeable consumer is a happy one, after all.

Thankfully, Salt’s Up has you covered here. Anything and everything you need is with us. Have a read below.

Kampot Red Peppercorns

Plucked from the foothills of the mountains that tower over the Kampot area of Cambodia, the muggy climes and heavy soil offer an ideal base to grow stunning pepper plants, from which these peppercorns are made.

The red kind is one of the rarest. Hugely aromatic, they back a fruity punch and can sit on any kind of white meat, providing a somewhat citrus tone in the back of your throat.

Salt’s Up offers the red, white, and black varieties.

Black Summer Truffle Salt

A wonderful Italian gourmet salt, the black summer truffle product is capable of bringing such an amazing depth to your dishes.

Brilliant on pasta recipes, these little flakes offer a decadent richness, with just a sprinkle proving enough to leave your tastebuds dancing. A much wetter texture than your typical kosher salt, it’s the kind of thing that will have your guests purring.

Ground over egg dishes or tossed in pasta, I cannot recommend this enough. Treat yourself.

Tellicherry Peppercorns

Known for their bright and fresh flavor, tellicherry peppercorns are a good way of starting your journey into a new world of herbs and spices.

While not quite as intense as some of the more specialized products, they are a huge upgrade on everyday cracked black pepper we so often turn to. Indeed, they’re so much more aromatic and really bring out of the floral nature of the peppercorns, making them perfect to sit on meat and fish.

Even in something as basic as soup, they’re brilliant.

Red Wine Gourmet Salt

Can you really think of a more rustic combination of salt and wine? Well, not only are the ingredients as old as time itself, the end product is absolutely spectacular.

Sprinkled over a salad, the Mediterranean tones dance across the green leaves, leaving pockets of pearly pink perfection for you to enjoy. 

It’s not just for sprinkling, either. Indeed, you can use red wine gourmet salt as a dry rub for meats and fish, as well as mixed in with desserts for the ultimate salted caramel cheesecake.

Long Peppercorns

Often referred to as Indian pepper, these lengthy peppercorns have been a staple within Asian cooking for thousands of years.

Absolutely incredible when dancing over dark meat or plunged into a fruity dessert, they are gorgeously floral and flowery, letting out a fiery frolic when cooked over a long period of time. Indeed, they’re wonderfully versatile too.

You can use them in the shape they come in as more of decoration but, unlike other herbs and spices, you can crush these up on your countertop and use the shattered smithereens without compromising on flavor.

Lemon Salt

Hand-picked in the warm climate of Portugal, this salt is rubbed and mixed with the juice and the peel of vibrant lemons, really taking ordinary and assuming salt to a brand new level.

The freshness in these little flakes is fantastic. Sitting over a salad or wrapped inside and out of white fish, this Portuguese salt would take pride in place in most kitchens around the world.

Offering any dish a lifeline, will perk pretty much anything up and have your guests marveling at your cooking expertise.

Colorful Schinusberries peppercorns

If you don’t feel ready to commit to one particular strain of peppercorns, don’t fear. There’s so much out there so it can be quite difficult to nail down exactly what is you desire, so the colorful schinusberries multi-pack offers you so much.

Boasting black, white, green, and pink pepper berries, these turn into a rainbow-like tornado of flavor when run through a spice grinder and offer a warm glow to your food, as well as a wonderful color.

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