Salt’sUp salt shop in the heart of Tallinn

First salt shop in the Baltics – our tiny Salt’sUp Gourmet Salt shop in the heart of Tallinn

Wandering around Tallinn, Estonia peeking through small and cozy streets, just steps away from the crowd and clatter, one might stumble across our teeny-tiny salt shop. But do not be frightened about the size, as many know, good things come in small packages! 🙂 How did the very first salt and spice shop in the Baltics find its way to the hearts of gourmets? Let us tell you the story of our very first shop. 

Started as a university project in 2015 – Salts’Up Gourmet Salts had mainly focused only on delivering gourmet salts through webshops to our friends close and far. Until the summer of 2020, when an opportunity for a physical store came like lightning from a clear sky! We’d found a tiny space, which felt just perfect for our salts and peppers, and finally, we could invite our old and new salt friends over for tastings! It quickly all came together and thus by the end of the summer, a “real home” for our salts and peppers was opened for everyone! We decided to decorate it with vintage pieces, so it would look like a real spice shop from the 20th century. One of our favorite pieces for sure is the vintage cash register from the year 1925-1926. Believe it or not, this register still working. Surely gives off a very vintage vibe!

To be totally honest, we did not expect many “strangers” or “newcomers” to step into our spice shop, as it is quite a niche thing (especially being the very first in the Baltics). Oh, how wrong we were! After welcoming our old friends, many new ones quickly found their way into the savory world of gourmet spices. We were (and still are!) so surprised and more than happy to see that so many people are interested in our products. Everyone in our team is thrilled to go to work every day to meet new people and have the pleasure to introduce them to the wonderful world of salts and peppers! If you ever find yourself wandering around Tallinn, come by our shop – hop in and we’ll be more than glad to show you around! And as we said, good things come in small packages, thus one can find something small but yet so perfect to spice up their life from our store. You can also find our shop on TripAdvisor.

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